How to build a cheap still

To build a cheap still you need:

  • 1 cooking pot
  • 1 ceramic bowl (like a dog food bowl for instance)
  • 1 stainless steel bowl

Step 1) Pour the wash into the cooking pot

Step 2) Let the ceramic bowl float on top of the wash inside the pot

Step 3) Place the stainless steel bowl over the pot but not the bottom not touching the ceramic bowl underneath.

Step 4) If you are using an electric stove turn it on 4.


A) The steam meaning alcohol vapor will rise and condense off of the bottom and drip into your ceramic bowl and that will be your distilled spirits.

B) Aging takes a while, but its worth it all the way because you will get more flavor, when you drink whatever type of liquor you made it will go down very smooth, and you will get the color of what it looked like before you distilled it.

C) there is one typer of liquor that you don’t have to age, and that’s vodka.

D) When you use a pot still, each time you distill, you will double the alcohol percentage from what it was when you just fermented or you are distilling the second, third, or fourth time. for example, you used a distillers yeast to make rum, before you distill it its 20%. first time you distill the wash it goes to 40%. The second time you distill it, it goes from 40% to 80% which is 160 proof!

E) The smaller batch you distill, the greater alcohol percentage you will get!

F) you can also buy the cheapest vodka like a half gallon of POPOV, and if you use just a quart instead of using the whole thing, you will go from 40% ABV to 95% ABV

G) Before you distill, filter out All of the yeast + per gallon of water you use in each recipe only use 3 grams of yeast. when you have too much yeast it takes up to 10 or 15 wasted coffee filters to filter all of it out! Trust me you will thank me later!

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